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  PicarIS Online Visualization platform PicarIS Online Visualization platform  







Leading in visualization technology
PicarIS is the leading web-based platform for managing, enhancing and delivering visual content real-time from our platform to multiple channels like web, print, e-mail and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). 
The PicarIS technology has its roots in the textile CAD/CAM world and is developed to quickly visualize new designs as a finished end product in an unmatched photorealistic quality. The world's leading brands, manufactures and designers have been benefiting from our technology for more than 10 years.

Software as a Service
There is no other SAAS platform more comprehensive and powerful for automating management, production and the delivery of visual content from your online account. PicarIS scales all the necessarry hardware, infrastructure, software and personel. Try out PicarIS for free today.


Keep track of your digital assets
The ideal solution would be to store one master image of each asset and dynamically generate alternative assets from that image. This is exactly how the PicarIS Platform works! Deliver and manage your digital assets from the cloud. We help you control the growth and tame your unmanageable number of files through our dynamic imaging platform.

Launch unlimited content
The PicarIS Platform uses master images, called scene files, to deliver infinite variations. You can easily create these variantion using solid colors and textures. Launch unlimited content without any extra per image, per click or per page costs. 

Enhance your content by simple URL requests
The PicarIs Platform can help you enhace the visual content on your website by for example easily adding dynamic imaging, zoom functionalities and image resizing/cropping all by the use of URL requests.


Use our platform to...
Increase your companies overall revenues by enhancing all aspects of your business.

  • Increase Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • Increase open and response rates for direct marketing campaigns
  • Shorten sales cycle by 75%
  • Reduce the number of returns 
  • Automate Visual Media Managment, Generation and Publishing 
  • Reduce image volume up to 80% 
  • Dynamic image generation and delivery for Web, Portals, Dealers
  • Use single master images across Web, email, portals and print
  • Reduce manual labor and time to market up to 3 times
  • Eliminate photography costs up to 50% 
  • Easily find, transform and re-use images across your enterprise